April 11, 2021

Youtube Vanced Ad Free Version of Youtube

Youtube Vanced Ad Free Version of Youtube

Youtube Vanced APK- An Excellent Video Watching App without Ads

Nowadays, videos have great importance in our life. Everyone likes videos related to his choice or interest. People want to download exciting videos on their Android phones. So here is an amazing app Vanced APK which helps to download the videos from YouTube. So in this write-up, we will discuss the functioning or process of this app. How does the Vanced APK help to download YouTube videos?

Let’s Have a Look!

As we already mentioned that interesting videos have become the most essential part of our daily routine. Hence, they are in several categories such as funny, songs, emotional, comedy, movies, etc. We watch video clips on almost every website or Application for example the WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But YoutTube is the top website that people use for video watching or downloading. Undoubtedly, YouTube is a very dominant website for watching videos. Billions of people watch it every hour and every time. In this case, YouTube Vanced APK plays a crucial role.

Cool Version of YouTube

The main problem on YouTube is that it has a lot of ads and also we are unable to play background video or music on YouTube. Thus, to overcome this issue some individuals have developed a certain cool version of YouTube. This application called YouTube Vanced has been introduced so that we can watch any video without any ad. If you are a non-rooted consumer, wish to log in to your Gmail account in YouTube Vanced APK, you must install MicroG APK too.

What Is YouTube Vanced App?

It is like a modified or improved version of the YouTube app. We can also play other videos or music in the background by using this application. This is a very convenient app as it lessens our time of watching advertisements in any video.

Though, YouTube Vanced has numerous superior features that are not even accessible on the original YouTube app. The main benefit of using this application is that we do not have to stick on the site to watch the clips/videos, we can simply enjoy music without any hindrance in the background.

Exclusive Features of Vanced Apk

Now we’ll deliberate the various remarkable features of this app. Let’s discuss a few of them!

  • All the advertisements are blocked, therefore you can watch the video without any interruption or pause. It lessens the time and increases human curiosity in watching different videos.
  • Moreover, you can play music in the background even if you will minimize your YouTube app. So, you do not need to stay on the app to use it. Hence, the song from YouTube is played in the same way as it is being played in the song played on a mobile device.
  • Furthermore, many attractive themes are available, thus you can simply use any theme Apk you want.
  • If you are using any other app then also you can enjoy videos on this app. This technique is known as PIP (like Picture in Picture mode). Certainly, it will assist you in doing other tasks at the same time.
  • You can set default videos playing easily. By picking this option, you do not need to click again and again on the video to play it. So your video will play spontaneously.
  • However, default video resolution can be set on Mobile or WiFi. This video resolution will remain identical for all the videos.
  • Numerous themes can be used in Vanced settings. And the theme color consists of Black, White, or Dark. You can choose the theme color just according to your taste or interest.
  • Also, video repeat in Repeat mode can be used. After selecting this choice, your video will be played again automatically.

Install YouTube Vanced APK on Android Devices

Hence, the process of installing the YouTube Vanced Application on your smartphone gadgets is simple. Thus, here are some main steps to install YouTube Vanced APK on your smartphones and tablets.

  • Uninstall all YouTube official application updates.
  • Disable Play store auto-update.
  • Install this app just like other normal apps.
  • Enable unknown sources of safety options (on phone settings)
  • After installing, log in with your new account and choose the desired themes.
  • Layout setting options allow you to offer various colored themes.
  • Start listening to your favorite music or watching videos without ads.

Thus, install this useful application to your device and enjoy the hassle-free videos and music by using an awesome and excellent YouTube Vanced APK.

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