March 4, 2021

Use WhatsApp Web/ on Your PC

Whatsapp web is a great communication tool that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp chat and messages online on your tablets, iPods, Desktop PCs, or Laptops for free. It is a desktop PC version of Whatsapp Messenger for your web browser. Mainly you do not need another account to use the web version of WhatsApp. You can easily connect the WhatsApp web ( with your WhatsApp account on your phone.

Whatsapp itself is an excellent communication tool when you use it on smartphones. But sometimes it is more convenient to type your messages on a keyboard with ease of WhatsApp web on your browser. 

Most importantly, WhatsApp web contains the same features and a familiar user interface as the WhatsApp messenger for mobile phones. Whatsapp web version gives you the ability to chit chat with your friends by enabling send & receive messages directly from your web browser. 

Whatsapp itself is a top-rated messaging app and is widely available for all android and iOS devices. And for those who want to enjoy WhatsApp messaging on their PC WhatsApp web version is a more magnificent addition to this fleet. But the question is, how can someone access WhatsApp from a web browser? Let’s get into this:

How to use Whatsapp on your Computer?

If you want to use WhatsApp in your PC browser, WhatsApp web is your go-to option. It is effortless to use, but for the first time, the process could be a bit tricky. But don’t worry, we have made a comprehensive and easy guide on how to use WhatsApp on the web browser of your computer PC. The first and foremost important step is to ensure that your phone and your laptop have an active internet connection. You do not need to have the same internet connection for WhatsApp to work on your browser. You can connect both devices on different connections. Secondly,  you need to ensure that WhatsApp is working correctly on your mobile phone device. After doing these two things you need to follow the following steps to make WhatsApp work on your browser:

1: On your computer web browser, open

computer web browser

computer web browser

2: You will see a QR code appearing on your web browser. 

3: Now go to your mobile phone and find the WhatsApp application on your phone and open WhatsApp messenger on your phone.


open WhatsApp messenger on your phone

open WhatsApp messenger on your phone

4: Click open on Menu icon(three-dot icons) on Android and for iPhone go to settings icon(add image).

Click open on Menu icon

Click open on Menu icon

5: Select the WhatsApp web option, and you will see a QR scanning screen.

6: Turn the screen towards the Whatsapp Web QR code already on your computer. 

7: Scan the QR code through WhatsApp messenger on your phone.

8: Here’s the magic part, once the QR code scans, you will be able to access WhatsApp on your browser. 

9: One thing you should keep in mind is that your phone should remain connected to the internet else you can’t access WhatsApp on your web browser.

10: Enjoy receiving messages on both messenger and the web version of WhatsApp.

How to Logout of Whatsapp Web?

After using WhatsApp Web on your browser, it is good to log out of your WhatsApp account on the browser. Because, unlike the Whatsapp messenger, it is highly dangerous and unsafe to keep your Whatsapp account logged in, especially if you are using someone else’s PC. Logging out from the Whatsapp Web version is quite simple. Here are the steps you need to follow for this purpose:

  • On your web browser, click on the three dots option on top of chats.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the Log out option.
  • Phew!! You safely log out of the WhatsApp web.

Sometimes you may forget to logout on PC, do not get worried. You can click on the menu/settings icon on your phone and select WhatsApp web from their log out from all devices. 

What are Features of WhatsApp Web

You will feel good by knowing that the desktop version of WhatsApp contains all the features of the WhatsApp mobile version. On top of that, you receive some cool features on the web version of WhatsApp. Here are some of these features:

  • Getting Desktop Notifications While You are Working

When you are working on your PC, it could be challenging to focus on your mobile phone for messages and notifications. WhatsApp web solves this problem, when you log in WhatsApp on your browser, you will receive notifications on your desktop.

  1. Sending Files from Desktop

Sending desktop files is a very challenging task when you have a file saved on your PC hard drive, and you have to send it over to some friends on WhatsApp. By using the web version of WhatsApp. You can log in on your Whatsapp from the browser and send over the files to anyone. 

Install WhatsApp on Your PC

If you feel it challenging to open Whatsapp on your browser every time, WhatsApp offers another feature. You can download from here the WhatsApp desktop application on both Windows and Mac. Once you download the application, you need to follow the simple installation steps, and you don’t have to google your way in. 

After installing the app, drag the WhatsApp icon into your application folder on Mac and for windows place it on your taskbar. So that you can easily use it while working. After doing this, open the WhatsApp, and it will ask you to scan QR code just like in the web version. Scan it by following the above steps of the web version. In the desktop version of WhatsApp, you will not log out automatically until you choose to do it yourself. 

To log out, You can click on the menu/settings icon on Whatsapp mobile application and select WhatsApp web from their log out from all devices. Or you may choose the three dots option on the desktop application and select a logout option.

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