April 11, 2021

Fleetsmith Acquired by Apple for an Undisclosed Amount

Managing devices remotely have always been the dream of the IT department. No one likes to go to individual buildings and desks to fix small problems like setting up desktops or installing software. Just because there has always been a department for this specific job does not mean that they have to move around the office. Certain tasks could easily be done from their own desks. Work from home is the new norm for most of the employees nowadays due to the pandemic. This has enabled the dream of the IT department to remotely manage devices. 

Apple has been an innovative company from the beginning and they have a consumer type these days. The company’s new lineup of products like the Mac Pro is designed for people who have quite a lot to spend. Hence services that Apple provides to their customers are the best in class because they know that the user can afford the premium things. All the Apple services, be it Apple care, Apple music, or any other service they offer, are expensive but up to the mark and easily available. It can be said that Apple keeps its customers happy would be an understatement as they provide the best services and are improving day by day.



Fleetsmith is a company that claims to provide a cloud-based, zero-touch device setup. Their aim is to automate the setup process, provide security and intelligence for yours or your company’s device. The company asserts that they can automatically set up devices for new hires, detect and prevent problems across the “fleet” referring to the workforce. They also automatically install and update apps, provide a secure environment, and provide fleet-wide visibility which we can assume is true to its best. Apple has recently acquired Fleetsmith proving that they do best what they claim. The history of Apple’s acquisitions and mergers tells us that Apple takes decisions wisely, always thinking about the future. 

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The company has made the acquisition public however the purchase price is not yet revealed. The people at Fleetsmith published a blog informing the general public about how much they are proud of the incredibly talented technical team they have formed. They also said that they put their customers at the center of everything they do. Their mission as they said is: to make powerful, secure Apple fleet management available to everyone. The company said that “We are thrilled to join Apple”. The company also announced that they’ll keep on managing the existing customers as well as take new customers and keep on working like before.

As far as the services are concerned they are perfectly tailored for the current times. It is near impossible for technicians or IT people to move around and go door to door for setting up devices or manually updating them. As mentioned before, Fleetsmith proposed a cloud-based zero-touch setup for all Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones, iPods, and Apple TVs. It provides transparent pricing and claims to Fleetsmith being Mobile device management (MDM) that just works. 

Previously, Jamf, an MDM, has been doing the above-mentioned tasks for Apple. in business, educational and government organizations. Jamf has been managing the devices remotely since 2002 and providing everything that Fleetsmith offers. Now that the task is given to the Fleetsmith, it is unsure whether the company is thinking about cutting it with Jamf or if Apple has other plans for its MDM. For now, the Apple devices have to enroll themselves in the new MDM to keep on enjoying the services that were previously provided by Jamf.

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