April 11, 2021

Digital Marketing Strategies that are booming in 2021

In today’s digital age the traditional form of marketing like billboards and newspaper ads are slowly becoming obsolete. With the ease brought by advancements in technology, it is becoming easier and cheaper to display ads online. Digital marketing is necessary for small and large businesses alike as it is considered the best way to grow your business and generate more revenue. Digital marketing targets people with desktop computers, smartphones, laptops among other things. 

So what with that in mind how should one start digital marketing? What digital marketing strategies should be employed to achieve the best results? This article would guide you through the process of selecting the best approaches to develop your digital marketing strategy that will work for sure

Strategies to Employ for Digital Marketing

Let us look at some powerful and important digital marketing strategies which could help your business grow exponentially.

Use of SEO in Blogs

Search engine optimization is the best digital marketing strategy when combined with the power of blogging. SEO is the process of improving the ranking of your blogs and website using keywords. You should start a blog for your business if you do not have one but if you have one then you could improve it greatly using SEO. Try writing about things that your customers or people who might be interested in your product might find interesting. Include keywords regarding your products and company in your blogs. If done correctly, blogging with SEO will generate consistent traffic to your website.

Strategies to Employ for Digital Marketing

Strategies to Employ for Digital Marketing

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are the most cost-effective way of doing digital marketing. Suppose you are about to launch a new product and would like people (including your existing customers) to know about it. You compile a document explaining your product and email that to a list of thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Start your campaign by following these steps:

  • Attract people to your website using blogging, PPC, or any other method.
  • Have them sign up to your website by offering them incentives.
  • Maintain a list of Emails of the people who are interested in hearing from you.

Marketing through Social Media

Social media platforms can act as free marketing spaces for your company. If you have sufficient knowledge regarding your customers and the social media platform then you can make wonders with it, if not then it can backfire. There are a number of social media sites to choose from. If you are starting new then you stick to a single site (initially) that suits your target audience. Once you have chosen a site, put the effort into creating content suitable to that site, and share it with your audience. Your following will gradually increase over time if people find your content interesting.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world, people search for nearly everything on it. Your company could launch a campaign on YouTube as well just as social media and email campaigns, this is done by creating video content. The content could be anything ranging from informational, announcements, behind the scenes, and more, just remember that you are trying to create brand awareness among people. This will generate potential leads that you could convert into potential customers. Video marketing is considered a good addition to content, email, and social media marketing. 

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Paid Advertisement

Online advertisement is divided into a free and a paid category, hence most small businesses opt-out for free ads. Free ads do not cost any money while setting up but do cost in terms of time and as it is said that time is money, hence those free ads are costing you money. Hence you should start investing in paid ads as it will help you reach more and more people and would generate more traffic and revenue for you. Before investing blindly, you should consider your audience, your budget, and your commerciality. 

Design and ad and choose a site that comprises your target audience Choose low cost per click (CPC) keywords that could be synonyms of your products as you will save quite a lot of money. Finally, post the right ad at the right spot, people on Facebook are not looking to buy stuff, instead, they are interested in entertainment and information. Bridge the gap between the site’s intent and how you monetize your products.


Podcasts are a great way to reach new audiences quickly and convey your message effectively. You can either start your own podcast or get invented on one, starting your own is good for brand awareness and brand building but it takes time. Getting invited on someone else’s podcast is another thing, you just need a little industry experience and confidence to talk about your product. Podcasts when listed on a website provide the guest’s name along with their website, so people who find your products interesting might become leads and customers in the future.



Voice Search Optimization

Voice search engine optimization is the newest thing in SEO these days. As AI and Natural Language Processing is getting better people are shifting more to voice searches more. Voice SEO focuses on getting the zero spot on Google voice search, zero spots is the featured snippet of the website which ranks on the top. Experts think it will grow over the and starting early could yield better results down the line.


Digital marketing is ever-evolving, every day new features and strategies emerge to solve old problems. If you are just getting started on getting your business online then an early investment in developing a digital market strategy would prove quite useful in the upcoming future. Hence the key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to adapt to the consumers’ mindset. Instead of forcing a hard sell on them, give them the freedom of choosing your business through a variety of easily available online content.

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