April 11, 2021

Billion Dollar Tech Giant Unveiled 4 New Products at GTC Digital Conference

As we all know, Nvidia is the inventor of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that creates interactive graphics on all the devices we use in our daily lives. It is a multinational multi-billion Dollar tech company based in Santa Clara, California. Currently, the CEO of the company is Jensen Huang, who is one of the founders of the company along with Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem. Nvidia is also among the top companies for designing graphics processing units for the GeForce lineup, system on chips (SOCs), mobile computing, and motorized markets. 

Nvidia conducted its GTC event a few months ago and some of the things in the event were reviewed as “revolutionary” for the world that is facing this pandemic and the one we see after. All of the said products/technologies are supposed to help us live more comfortably and easily in the virtual world we have to be in with or without our liking. Let’s see how these things were promoted when they started and where they stand and are they living up to the expectations of the reviewers

Recommender Systems

Nvidia challenged the current recommender systems saying that these systems have very rare knowledge about the user and the knowledge is merely based upon the things you considered, bought, or watched. Nvidia introduced a new recommender system which is based on a deep learning approach. This is said to give the system a deeper and wider knowledge of the user’s interest. This has only been implemented at the research level and is not seen in any of the companies using a recommender system like YouTube or Netflix. NVidia’s recommender system has much of a convincing to do to be able to get in the market and achieve the position they are marking for.

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RTX and Omniverse

RTX with Omniverse is supposed to provide seamless data transfer across applications. This allows the designers to easily work within multiple applications and collaborate with colleagues and customers simultaneously, whenever they want to. Omniverse also unites multiple tools for real-time modeling, providing an opportunity for creativity and production. At this time, there has been no wind about the new creative collaboration and it has yet to make its place it the market. No credible reviewer has reviewed the working and efficiency of this platform yet and it is not seeing the rise it aimed to see yet.

Conversational AI

Nvidia claims to give us more than just an emotionless assistant. It would be far more intelligent and you will be able to actually have real conversations with the device. Everyone can see the need for virtual assistants as well as chat boxes to deal with customers which the company is handling, especially during this pandemic when we do not have a large workforce like before. The AI is said to be improving and the world will see the changes brought by it soon but not yet because currently no system is using it and there is no update about it being cast-off by any company.

Robotic Replacement

Robotic replacement of humans at any business is the new cool and Nvidia just went with that. During this pandemic, there is this trend circulating that all high contact jobs performed previously by humans should now be performed by robots. The only “revolution” that actually happened from all the acclaimed revolutions was this one. Nvidia’s technology is currently being used for robotic medical deliveries and also in the autonomous driving segment where Nvidia Drive is being used.

Most of the technologies are still struggling to find their place in the market and are trying hard to revolutionize the world.

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