April 14, 2021

Airvet Clawed Its Way to a $14 Million Series A Round

Due to the current pandemic situation that we are facing, telehealth is being normalized and is widely embraced. Humans are reaping benefits from this service as well as the pets in the care of humans. With pets being present in 65% of U.S. homes, many companies are now set to enable the daily visits of pets to their veterinary doctor remotely. Companies like VetNOW or Vetoclock enable the owner of the pet to schedule a meeting with the vet online so the doctor can give the pet its routine checkup providing ease for all the parties involved in the procedure. 

A similar LA-based company started two years ago by a group of thirteen people called Airvet has convinced the investors of being the best in the business. A few days back the company announced $14 million A series funding led by Canvas Ventures with the participation of e.ventures, Burst Capital, Starting Line, TrueSight Ventures, Hawke Ventures, and Bracket Capital, as well as individual investors. The pandemic played a vital role in the $14 million raised because it highlighted and focused on the need for such applications in the current world.  

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When the company’s founder and the owner were asked why he started the company he responded by praising his dad. He said that his dad is one of the best veterinarians and he saw the impact that telehealth is wanted in the world. He also said that he wanted to bring the same level of health and care we want for ourselves to our pets. 

The general partner, Rebecca Lynn, said that she had looked at many telemedicine startups over the past 11 years. And that she fell in love with Airvet for using the services for her own animals that live on a small farm of hers. She also added to her statement by saying COVID-19 has been a massive accelerant to adoption.

The company is connecting their patients with the Vets through the help of two applications. One for the owner of the pet to download for communicating with the vets and the other for the doctor to manage the workflow and talk to their clients. The owner also clarified that the startup is not trying to seize any former vet relationships or business. Instead, the company partners with the vet clinics to conduct telehealth while the vet can run the clinic 24/7 just like before. But if someone lives far away from the clinic, they will also have access to the vets when needed.

The goal of this company, according to the owner, is to help understand pet owners when they should come in. He said that the average pet owner visits the hospital 1.5 times a year. Whereas a huge number of users have already contacted a vet more than 6 times on Airvet just because it saves time and is less stressful in doing so. The goal is to work alongside hospitals and not to compete with them. 

He mentioned that a person cannot take out blood virtually or feel a tumor on screen or do dental work. People always need to go to the vet. He said that for them it’s not about competing. Rather it’s about being the provider of care in-between the visits to the clinic and helping pet parents who have used our service ultimately avoid an unnecessary emergency visit.

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