March 4, 2021

3 Ways You Can Get More Organic Traffic Even Without Ranking Your Website

For people, getting more traffic is synonymous with ranking the website at the top of the search results. When you are trying to get more traffic to perform a specific task on the website, you don’t need to get your website at the top of the search result. Confused? Well, when it comes to ranking a website on the SERP, Google, the search engine giant pays attention to the search intent of the users and how the website is catering to it. This is true than ever in 2020 especially. So, when you are trying to get at the top of the search result, search intent is the factor you need to keep in mind.

But there are many instances where your aim of SEO doesn’t fit the standard intent. The basic purpose of SEO is to get organic exposure. And for that, it doesn’t need to be your entire website to top the SERP. In the following points, I am going to explain when you don’t need to rank your website but leverage SEO services to get the organic traffic to the page you want. Take a look.

While Chasing High Competitive Keywords

When it comes to keywords, we have all been there where we have to work around a highly competitive keyword whereas when you are trying to rank your website for those keywords, it will take years and yet you won’t be able to beat the authoritative sites. What can you do then? For example, you are working on your blog site where you are writing regular posts that will help the osteoarthritis patients. You are offering guidance, help, and exercising recommendations and even success stories. As a result, one of the main keywords should be “osteoarthritis.”

Now, this can be a highly competitive keyword because when people are typing “osteoarthritis,” they will come across the websites that are good authority sites, often medical journals that describe what osteoarthritis is. So, if you are trying to compete with them, it will be impossible to reach the top of the SERP. But you can still get the organic traffic that you want in two ways,

 Offering Sponsor Content

You can connect with a high authority website that appears at the top of the search results and strike a deal with them for sponsor content. They will share the link to your blog on their website which will help you get the traffic you want without investing in PPC directly.

 By Posting Guest Blog

If you see that there is a website at the top ranking that is sharing relevant information on your keyword, “osteoarthritis” in this case, approach them for a guest post. Create high-quality content with the keyword strategically used and let them publish it. If this brings your relevant traffic to your website, then you can include this in your monthly strategy.

 By Posting Guest Blog

By Posting Guest Blog

Hijacking the Brand Keyword

This is another very popular tactic when it comes to getting the organic visits without topping at the SERP. How can you do this?

Become a Brand Alternative

Your business is a crowd-funding platform, comparatively a newer one which is competing against biggies like Kickstarter. Now, when you are trying to pull the traffic or the people who are looking for similar platforms like Kickstarter, you can come up with a listicle-style article title, “the best alternatives of Kickstarters.” According to the algorithm, these types of articles with the lists appear at the top of the search result.

Take Advantage of Business Closure

 If your brand is pitted against a business that is closing down, it can be the best opportunity for you to use that for your benefit. Suppose you are a restaurant owner and competing against a very old food chain brand. If it is closing down, you get a chance to attract the same traffic to your website. So, you can create content with the title, “The Eateries To Drop By When ABC is Closing Down,” or “Grab Your Fav Sandwich from Us When ABC is Closing Down.” If you outsource SEO services, their content writer can create the content keeping the keywords tactfully in it.

While Ranking the “Best” Keyword

This is another challenge brands can face. So, when you are trying to rank the keywords that start with “best”, then you need to understand that with the “best” your users are not looking for your website.

While Ranking the “Best” Keyword

While Ranking the “Best” Keyword

Using Press Release

If someone is searching for the “best seafood restaurants in Miami,” they are looking for a list of recommendations that will let them pick by themselves rather than be blindly driven to a website of a restaurant. So, in that case, you can use press releases for appearing in the search results where you can use the “best” keyword. Also, you can think of approaching the bloggers who generally publish about the “best” keywords in specific industries and get the desired visits.

Offering Extras

If you are running a SaaS company and offering suitable services, then to be ranked as “best”, consider offering incentives, free trials, free products, and so on. While searching for the “best” keyword, the user might want to try what you are offering too to find out if you are the right service provider or not. For example, if you are an SEO reseller and trying to attract clients, add the points like a month free trial, free consultation, free site audit, or discount on the first order. If the user gets something from you other than just the service, your chances of ranking with the “best” keyword become higher.

So, now as you know about these ways you can get the organic traffic even when your website doesn’t top the SERP, don’t ignore them. Consult the best SEO company in India or in the location you are in and take it from there.

Mitali Purkait Ghosh is the CEO and co-founder of Digital Concepts, an emerging company offering SEO services. Here in this blog, she is writing about how you can get organic traffic without top SERP ranking and how the best SEO company in India can help you with that.

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